Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Long weekend in the mountains

This June long weekend was the BFG and my last chance to take a mini break together without children! So you can imagine how desperate I was to actually go away (because I'm a real freak about FOMO - fear of missing out).

Seeing as I'm pretty heavily pregnant now, we decided it best that we didn't fly anywhere. So we decided to go to the Blue Mountains and seeing as I'm such a procrastinator when it comes choosing where to stay, Lillianfels was booked out and had also changed their packages by the time I was ready to book. Instead I booked us into the Mountain Heritage Hotel & Spa which is a grand old guest house (with decor to match!).  The funny thing about this place is that it's like stepping back to the 1800s. Their restaurant belongs in the 80s. We decided against dinner at the hotel when we saw "Portugese supreme" on the menu.

View from our room
It wasn't as cold as I was expecting but it was nice to get out of Sydney. We didn't really do very much which is kind of what we wanted to do. We had lunch in Leura, dinner at an Indian restaurant in Katoomba and just checked out the Scenic world - but we didn't end up going on anything as we had gotten there a bit late and when we tried again the next day, the queue was way too long.

We (as in I) did get to check out a few vintage and old wares shops. The BFG who does not share my love for vintage just goes to me "so how did all this vintage shit end up in the mountains?". Which, if you think about it, is kind of true. How is it that all along the way up the mountains, then Leura, Katoomba and Blackheath are full of vintage shops??

I still enjoyed looking even though I didn't buy anything (I did see a couple of vintage sideboards - but we will have to wait till we redo our house to fit one in).

Green bakelite!!
I had a pregnancy massage at Yindi Day Spa. While they had the massage bed with the hole for your belly, it still took me a couple of minutes to fully relax into it. But once relaxed, the massage was great. Especially seeing as I've been suffering from lower back pain.

High tea - Lillianfels
While we didn't get to stay at Lillianfels, we did go for high tea to try to relive one of our earlier dates. Last time, we were there for hours and nibbled daintily on the sandwiches and sweets. This time, there was no modesty and being the old married couple we are, totally hoed into the food.

Great weekend away and just to think, the next time we go away, it will be a family of 3!!

Speaking of which - pregnancy update.
I had an appointment with my obstetrician today (33w+4d) and unfortunately, the baby is still in breech position which could mean an elective c-section. There is also a possibility that I might have gestational diabetes - even though she didn't think it likely but still need to go through the 2 hour test. AND - wait for it.... I'm having a large baby! Ugh... Might be around 4kg but I'll have another scan at around 37 weeks to double check.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Burda sew-a-long

So the Burda-sew-a-long which I joined (hosted by The Curious Kiwi and Modern Vintage Cupcakes) ended in May. I'm a couple of days behind in posting about it. I have several excuses. Firstly, trying to get the right fabric without spending a month's salary. Second was having the energy to work on it. And third is the fact that Burda instructions are completely diabolical!

I'm making Burda 7587 - a swing jacket in View B (the shorter one).

The problem is that I've never tried a Burda pattern before and I really struggled with the inserting the collar. I sat on it for 2 days and realised I still wasn't getting anywhere. Obviously, this isn't such a popular pattern as there were hardly any other bloggers out there making this and giving suggestions on how to do this.

I eventually found this post on the Collette blog on how it was supposed to work.

Crap shite instructions from Burda

This is what I ended up with last night when I finally sewed the sleeves together. It's not lined, the hem hasn't been done and the buttons and button holes are still missing at the moment. 

When I tried this jacket on, I realised that it is NOT flattering at all. Especially for short people like me who currently looks like an Oompa Loompa. The collar is too big and it looks like a dressing gown. 

I think I'm going to ditch it and not waste any more time on it. That's kind of depressing but what heck. I think I need to just accept defeat. When I mentioned it to the BFG this morning, he goes to me "I tried to tell you that jackets like that don't look good on you. They're made for really tall skinny women. Remember the pumpkin jacket?"

So so true! The pumpkin jacket was this really cute one from French Connection a couple of years ago that I wanted to buy but it did have a $300 price tag. The BFG at the time didn't think it was going to be flattering but suggested that I try it on anyway. His first words were "You look like a pumpkin". So that was the end of that.

Now, what to do with a half finished jacket? If I donate it to Vinnies, will someone take pity on it and finish it up?

Anyway, to more uplifiting news. As of today, I only have 4 more weeks of work before I go on maternity leave. I'm so excited because it means I can actually have some time off work - absolutely guilt free!

Pregnancy update - I'm currently at 32w+3d and I feel huge. My lower back is killing me most nights so sleep has been difficult. We're still debating about names and we pretty much have everything we need. The BFG and I went to the Baby and Toddler expo and what I thought was going to be a 1 hour trip, turned into 4 hours, in which the BFG nearly went postal.

My belly and the pram blanket I'm knitting