Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Maternity leave!

I'm finally on maternity leave. The last few weeks of work were starting to wear me down a bit. The travel into the city, trying to get stuff done and just general waddling everywhere. But as the last few days were looming, I started to feel a bit ansty about finishing up as well. I feel this way a bit when I go on holidays as well, like I can't truly relax and to think I will be on extended leave!!

When the quilt and craft show was on a few weeks ago, I took a few hours off work and went down to have a look see. I bought some Quince & Co yarn in Finch from Suzy Hausfrau (and met Renae and RoseRed) while I was there.

So of course I felt the need to start working on it immediately. This is Blithe by Kim Hargreaves. I'm making it in a size I hope to be back to after I give birth. I seriously can't believe how much weight I've gained (but then again, it's not like I've been depriving myself).

Blithe - Kim Hargreaves in Quince & Co Finch
I also put my name down for a weekend beginners quilting class and finally got a spot. I only managed to get to two sessions as my due date is very close and probably won't make it to another one.

I was wondering if I should go to quilting class, but having attended two, I've learnt so much. I'm a bit disappointed I won't be able to go for a while and I did need some help doing this - the Cogs and Wheel pattern by Denyse Schmidt. The curves were a bit of a challenge!

Cogs & Wheel - first block. I'm making this in a Queen size.
The other thing I'm about to start doing is creating a Project Life album for the new member of our family. My lovely friend Petrice got me onto this and also gave me the album and baby core kit. Scrapbooking has never really been my thing, but Project Life is this massive easy version of keeping a photo journal. I actually can't wait to start!

Project Life
Pregnancy update - Today I'm 37w+5 (so the baby is pretty much cooked). It's no longer breech (thank goodness) but is posterior so hoping it will still turn before I give birth. We're still having a large baby and with that, all the concerns during a natural delivery. My obstetrician doesn't seem too concerned and we've discussed pain relief and I've decided to just go with the flow rather than come up with a rigid birth plan.

I've packed most of my hospital bag (still missing the all important snacks, magazines and music to get through the pain!!). The baby room isn't completed but I'm not all that concerned as we're planning on having the baby in our room for a bit AND the BFG is taking 3 weeks off work. I'm sure even with our relatively slack "get it done" attitude, the cot will be put together at some point.

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