Friday, August 09, 2013

A new WIP I finished a little while ago

Not sure why it's taken me this long to write this post. But I finally finished something! The BFG and I welcomed a new addition to our family - Max Chi Stenner Rasmussen. He came on the 16 July after I was induced.


I can't say that childbirth is a great experience and can't really recommend it. My waters broke on the Sunday night, we were told to come in on Monday, and nothing happened. The BFG and I were so bored out of our brains inside the birthing suite (even though it was super nice - hello private health insurance!!). My obstetrician came to see me in the afternoon and said she'll induce me the next morning. So the BFG went home to feed the dogs and I stayed in the birthing suite that night.

Won't go into more details, but I was induced the following morning and he came just after lunch. I asked for an epidural when the gas and the TENS machine failed me and I seriously thought I was going to completely lose the plot.

From this experience, I am grateful that I kept my health insurance up to date and went private. I felt so crap after the birth that I couldn't imagine being in a shared ward had I gone public (yes, call me a princess). I really appreciated having my own room, my own bathroom and the really lovely midwives at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. I was in hospital for a week (difficulties with breast feeding and Max losing more than 10% of his weight) and was quite ready to go home even though I was going to miss all the help from the midwives.

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  1. How have you even got the time to comment on blogs? Congratulations. This WIP's a keeper. ;) Best of luck with the breastfeeding. I hope your milk has come in and it's all going swimmingly. Max. Lovely.
    (Oh, and thanks for commenting even when your hands are deliciously full.)


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