Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A New Year already???

How did that happen? It's a new year already and my last blog post was about our holiday to Europe. I'm currently planning our next holiday already. If I waited any longer, this post would really be about our next holiday which is to Hawaii (I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about going to Hawaii - it's somewhere I've always wanted to go).

Anyway, what happened since Europe??

This not so little man can now walk and make demands.

I've picked up my tatting again (apparently there is now a category for tatting in the Royal Easter Show!!).

I keep being amazed at how Mr M is developing (and also how our house is getting overcrowded by plastic toys). I've always thought I'd totally be the whole "mother earth" mother when it came to my child - only plantation wood toys, free range, organic food and clothing etc. That all went out the window. I did try reusable diapers but the BFG wasn't particularly keen and I was kind of crap at making sure there was a regular cleaning schedule.

I sold my farm in Tirrannaville earlier this year as well. That was sad. It was too much work to upkeep it and only my mum was living there. There was just so much cleaning and getting rid of nearly 10 years worth of stuff. I realised that my Dad was a bit of a hoarder when I just found random crap all around. It took what felt like forever to sell (it actually took 6 months which probably wasn't so bad but just felt really long compared to how quickly Sydney properties are selling) and I did get it for the price I wanted so I'm happy with that.

I finally finished this quilt top. But it's currently in a state of crap. That will be another blog post once I get around to finishing it. Currently it just makes me sad so I'm not going to look at it again just yet.

I joined Running Mums Australia group on Facebook and the women on that page are so inspirational that I signed up to do the Blackmore's half marathon in September. Ok, I can say this cause it's done. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. The training was harder because we live in such a hilly area. I probably could have pushed myself but I kept anticipating really horrible hills that never really appeared (there were a few inclines but nothing too overly hard).

I'm currently still on holidays as day care doesn't return till 19th Jan. Katie lent me this book:

So I've been spending some of it decluttering. Our house is only little and since Mr M appeared, I've lost my craft room. I've spent the past couple of days culling stuff from our kitchen, my filing, and all my craft stash. It's a bit hard with Mr M wanting to get into EVERYTHING. I already did my wardrobe a couple of months ago and reduced my clothes to a quarter of what I did have. I'm not going to do the capsule wardrobe thing as I'm terrible at making sure everything matches, but I'll stick with what I have for the time being.

I also bought myself one of these:

If you are reading this Jill - yes it is expensive BUT it has been such a help around when trying to cook and have Mr M screaming at me. Forget what Robin said - it's great.

Anyway, I'm hoping 2015 brings me a less cluttered house and life, more time for crafting, job satisfaction (I'm going back to work full time) and above all a happy and well behaved child (ok, this one might be a hard one).

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  1. You've been productive! Let me know when the new gadget gets relegated to the back of the cupboard


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